Day 4

“No one fights alone”
Today self doubt snuck in with a mean grin. I tried to shrug it off all day but I couldn’t. Meanwhile, Siri thought that I would prefer an off-road trail to start my day. Thankfully I didn’t catch another flat. I ended up stopping short of my planned 50 Mile day. Though I have to say if it wasn’t for a text that read “sending good vibes your way” I wouldn’t have been able to do the 30. I crashed hard at the end, and was trying to recover with some fish tacos when good vibes delivered again. I walked outside to check on my bike and met a lovely couple, Fred and Dawn. After discussing my worries about finding a good place to camp they invited me to their home! So take that self doubt! The universe provides! Alright, enough jabberwockey here are some sweet pics and my tentative itinerary!

image image image image image image


6 comments on “Day 4

  1. This is heroic. Enjoy the journey dude. Enjoy it. It will be hard, but find gratitude in those moments and conquer this adventure. You can do it, and you WILL do it. Stoked to follow along through you. If anything, don’t quit for me so I can live vicariously.

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  2. Kev,
    Great to meet you yesterday. We will definitely follow your journey and wish you the very best. Stay strong, treasure the experience. You are awesome!

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    • That an awesome couple! What an great thing, to take in a complete stranger into your home! People are definitely put in our lives for a reason!!


  3. You’ve got to give it away to keep it…, in an altruistic manner..!! Welcome to Lancaster County and The Common Wheel… A community bicycle shop 🚴🏻👍😎.
    Nice to have Pho with you, as you head on down the road…

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