Day 5

Experience strength and hope

So I guess I should be a bit more honest.
I am a recovering alcoholic. This trip is about changing my environment and more importantly hanging up the infinite negative cycle I have been stuck in for the last 4 years. 6 months ago, i realized I needed a radical change. I knew I was incapable of changing my life without drastically changing the way I live it. That’s really why I’m doing this.

Today, I met a great guy named Norm. We had a talk over a bowl of pho and he taught me a valuable lesson about recovery. The key to it is to put other people first, something I have neglected to do for the last three years. So in love with myself and my addiction, I put space between the people I loved and forgot about what it meant to love and help others without expecting anything in return. I was lost. It’s weird, I must admit, to be so graciously welcomed for the last for 48 hours by complete strangers. Honestly, It makes me feel like an ass. I have been so much kinder to complete strangers than I have to the friends that have helped me survive the last four years.I don’t deserve the welcome I’ve gotten. But I know that those people saw something in me that I had long forgotten about; coals that were still warm in my belly. I know now that I was born to fight for something, though I am not sure what the future holds, I am sure there can still be one for me.

But, instead of ending on some wistful quote I would like to tell you all about The Common Wheel, a non profit bicycle co-op located in Lancaster, PA. The common wheel is a model bicycle shop for every community everywhere. They offer an earn a bike program, which offers kids and adults a chance to volunteer over a six week period in the shop in exchange for a bike. During these six weeks, they will learn the skills necessary to fix any problem they may encounter with their bicycles. On top of that, they have free classes for kids twice a week. They also have group rides once a month with a turnout of around 100 people. The cops close the roads down, it’s a real community gathering.

I met Jason today, one of the co-founders. He trued my wheels while he taught me how, helped me secure my seat from thieves, called a local campsite for me, gave me a bike lock, and taught me how to truly love with your actions. I cannot say enough about Jason and this bike shop. I hope that others can take a cue from such such a positive movement happening in the small city of Lancaster, PA. It would also be rude not to give a shoutout to Halters Cycles of rocky hill, NJ for adjusting my breaks, trueing my tires (again!), and letting me shower at their awesome bike shop. If all this doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy check out this awesome video about The Common Wheel.
And oh yea, sweet pic dump commence

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7 comments on “Day 5

  1. Your blog was fantastic ..!! You came clean to your friends and family… But more so to YOURSELF… That you simply needed a change in your life and were able to practice RIGEROUS HONESTY…!!!! WOW…!!! Especially to yourself…👍🚴🏻😇
    When Shakespeare says, ‘To thine own self, be true…’ You have embraced the key word we discussed in life… ACCEPTANCE
    WE are all… ANGELS UNAWARE … Of why and what we do in life… The world is a better place when we ‘suit up and show up’ on a daily basis by volunteering and ‘paying it forward…’ The lessons WE’VE learned in life…
    You entered a unique sanctuary today… The Common Wheel of Lancaster… (A Community Bicycle Place) People like Jason, Chris and all the volunteers, are able to share their own ‘experience, strength and hope…’ One bike, one bicyclist…at a time.
    SO… Of all the Gin joints, bike hubs, safe havens… You had to walk into mine (where I was) That’s called ‘divine intervention’ dude…!! Carry on 😎


  2. Wow, Kev!! Your insight is fantastic!! So glad you are meeting people who are helping you with your journey… both physically and personally. Be safe and continue to grow into the man you were created to be..


  3. I teared up a bit reading this… Then I slapped on my Fort Bear shades and pretended it never happened.

    Your honesty and commitment is truly inspirational. You are taking the bull by the horns and ripping its face off. I’m proud of you and I know this is a journey that you will never forget. Be safe and keep pushing forward. I love you and can’t wait to see you when you get here.


  4. I love this, I love you, I love your journey. let’s Please meet up when you arrive in Nashville and let me buy you lunch while we catch up. Best of luck old friend and safe travels.


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