Day 6

Today I pushed my bodies physical limits. I left the common wheel in Lancaster, PA with intentions of doing 80 miles. That was not realistic in the slightest bit! I did manage to do 60 miles and make it to Gettysburg, though I definitely barely made it. The last 20 miles were rough. I ran out of water and saw a local watering his plants named Ken. Ken couldn’t hear very well, I could tell because when I asked him for water he yelled “DO YOU WANT ICE?” with a huge grin. He then proceeded to tell me Gettysburg was just over the hill, but it takes him 30 minutes in a car. When I told him that I was headed to Tennessee he let out a great big laugh and told me not to worry, that it was “all downhill from here”. Ken brought me some great cheer in an exhausting afternoon. Also, if anyone knows where Lincoln’s address is in Gettysburg let me know, I’ve been looking everywhere. 😉

image image image image image image


2 comments on “Day 6

    • Lol. A little bit of cheer is good for the soul – grateful Ken “just happened to be watering his plants” when you needed the water more than the plants!

      As farad Lincoln’s address – can’t you just google it? 😘


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