Day 7

50 more miles. I almost gave up. It started pouring so I sought shelter. i slunk into a booth at Mexican joint and drank half a beer and began to grow disappointed with myself. I was 20 miles from where I thought I would stay for the day. As I began to grow sadness the rain subsided, yet the sun was setting. Maybe it was the thought of adventure, maybe it was the universe calling me, or maybe it was the fear that I would nurse that beer back into the crutch that alcohol had been in my past, but something overcame me. I felt energy vibrate through me. I took off like a cold wind forced out of hell. Suddenly, the hills that bothered me all day were effortless and the only thing bothering me was my adrenaline as I poured down hills one after the other. I found a local who directed me to a bike trail along the Potomac River. I was scared senseless as I biked a steady 20 mph into complete darkness. It was breathtaking. I arrived.

^too poetic? Who cares! Here have some photos

image image image image image image


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