Day 12

Today I had a collision with a motor vehicle. Not as much fun as I had hoped for, but for a moment I was “falling with style” as my boy buzz lightyear would say. I flew over my bars head first into the front passenger door of a car that was turning as I was flying at a good 25 mph down the shoulder of a congested city street. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. When they opened only seconds later, I saw stars. I immediately got up and was surrounded by four or five people. The first thing I did? Apologize to the driver as I had put a pretty good dent in his car. I began to pace totally concussed and try to gather my belongings while trying to stop bystanders from calling 911. Realizing my front rack and rim were trashed I slammed my helmet to the ground. And that’s when it occurred to me…that helmet just saved my life. I am lucky to be in a living room and not the ICU. I am blessed beyond belief that i was only miles outside of Blacksburg, VA. Where I had good friends waiting for me and willing to come and get me. I am shaken up, and I have a bruised rib for sure, but life is good and I will let my dreams worry about the rest.

You may be tempted to say “oh how awful!” I would encourage you to say to that thought: “maybe”. It is only natural for us to pass judgement too quickly and mistake a minor detail for the big picture. It could have been way worse! but, maybe there was something even worse waiting for me further down the road. Maybe not, but I assure you to pass judgement now would be rude to the big picture. I am thankful to be alive to walk another day, that’s the biggest blessing of it all. I suppose it just takes a little rattle in my bones for me to notice. I know not the treasures of tomorrow or the secrets of yesterday, but I know that today, I am alive. And though I am banged and bruised, I know that in this moment, life is beautiful. It’s gonna take a little bit more than a side panel of an SUV to bring me down! 😉

A few liner notes:
Props to Andrew Wills for coming to get me on minutes notice! Thanks Erica for the care package!! And Ricky Delpilar, I am looking at you, wear a $&@$ing helmet!

And oh yea…SWEET PICS!

image image image image image

^Earl couldn’t cycle anymore, so now he works on hot rods. Good choice Earl!


^helpful diagram

v busted wheel and front rack


Perfect timing for a care package!

Double thanks Erica!image


4 comments on “Day 12

  1. So thankful you are ok. You’re right. It could have been a lot worse. You have a guardian angel. Continued love and prayers, Aunt Joyce.


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