Day 14-16

Sitting under a waxing moon and waiting for things to pan out.

I went rafting as planned; It was so awesome as planned! It also was certainly refreshing to be surprised by Alex Mchale and the Aerostar right before we left for the New River! It was good to be with an old friends in my first left turn in this strange journey. Yet, life swings both ways I guess and my hammock broke last night so I slept in the Aerostar. I am concussed; without a bed to sleep in, a front rack ample enough to sustain my gear, and dwindling monetary resources. So I did what I thought was best and reluctantly decided it wise to hitch a ride with Alex to Knoxville. Unfortunately for me, I packed way too much stuff and could not afford to bring any room for shame with me. I don’t feel defeated like I suppose I should. I feel curious. More curious that the unexpected has blown my sail farther and faster in a direction I haven’t yet seen. I know I am tempted to snuggle into Knoxville for a quick bit and find some work so I can afford to continue my journey to Nashville, whilst I think I might be able to make it on the small dollars I have. For now, one day at a time,and take the weekends off. I do not know the path, but I do know i am taking the one that seems less traveled. It’s cheesy, but it really has made all the difference.

image image image image imageimage

image image image


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