Day 17 -33

So it’s been a little bit too long. I want to apologize but it feels a bit narcissistic and off pudding so I will write this sentence instead. It has been good, it has been bad. The break has been great rest for my sore rib. I was able to pick up hours at my old job, that has been great. However, the sinking feeling of a lackluster routine, has been a negative whisper in my ear. The daily grind is beckoning and I am not ready to settle down for winter, at least not in Knoxville. Knoxville is also challenging my quest for positive change and a more sober lifestyle. I may keep a motley crew, hell I may be the motley crew incarnate, but my friends have certainly been here for me here in my time of need. I have always felt that I have had the best friends in the world. And these last two weeks have revealed the diamonds in their chests. I am working full time this week. I am working to get back in the saddle next week. I can’t be satisfied stopping my journey. I need a sense of completion to this journey, or at least a can opener for the next batch of worms. For me, life is meant to be wild and free, garnering strength through uncertainty and wisdom through experience. Taking in the good, forgetting about the bad, maybe sometimes making lemonade in between the conversation of the two. I hope you feel that, I hope you know that. Until a much sooner next time!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


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